Our story

january 2017 – december 2020

How did it all begin?

Between 2017 and 2020, our founder Bruno Dirbák worked as an employee of Zeni team s.r.o., where he gained a wealth of experience. This experience gave him the impetus to decide to become a sole trader and embark on his own entrepreneurial journey. During this time, he was actively involved in organizing and moderating several WordCamps (in Brno, Prague, Bratislava and Serbia), which allowed him to belong to a great WordPress community. On his birthday (5.8.2020), Bruno decided to start a business, which gave birth to the first ideas for a new company.

january 2021 – september 2023

We’re not here yet.

Bruno Dirbák is gradually leaving Zeni team s.r.o. and is looking for new challenges. At the same time, he is actively developing his skills by working in different agencies to gain the widest possible range of experience.

october 2023 – december 2023

We are here

Bruno Dirbák decided to embark on his own entrepreneurial journey and founded the Abuko Team web agency. His vision is to provide web services with an emphasis on honesty, security and maximum loading speed. At the same time, he aims to complete each website within a maximum of two months of taking the job, with speed of delivery being a key factor in the tendering process. He pays particular attention to a personal approach to clients, which he continues to provide personally, but has a team of experts in each area behind him – the emphasis is on specialisation.

january 2024

We are joining forces

Abuko is partnering with Zeni, an agency that provides them with support and guidance thanks to its 12 years of experience. At the same time, they are also establishing a good relationship with the marketing agency Grapefruit.

february 2024

We are visible

We are launching a new multilingual website and expanding our reach abroad. For this purpose we have opened our own office where we meet regularly to discuss our projects. In addition, we have purchased tickets for WordCamp Europe in Turin and WordCamp Vienna, where we are going to present and market our products.

march 2024

Abuko Team’s current look

Although we have been on the market for a relatively short time, we focus on medium and large orders and are actively expanding abroad. Our team consists of 5 members: 1 salesperson, 1 assistant, 2 developers and 1 graphic designer. We are constantly developing and improving our skills. Although our emphasis is on medium and large clients, we do not forget about the smaller ones and provide them with superior service. The quality of our services and products is key for us.

About us

Our way of working and our pace allows us to create websites that fill us with joy and delight you and your customers at the same time.


We only do activities that we are in tune with and that are meaningful to us.

We would never want to work for companies that subvert our society.


We don’t pretend – we’re all just people.

We have a strong belief that even if we don’t seem to share the same views at the beginning, we will always find a common path and bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Are we exactly the company you need?

Contact us


We work exclusively with individuals who are clear about what they do, why they do it and how they do it.

If they are not clear on this, we don’t want to work with them.


There will never be a situation where we don’t have enough time and space for your web projects.

We work so that we can always give you our full attention. At our company, we adhere to the concept of substitutability. We always meet deadlines – our clients can attest to this.

Contact persons

Bruno Dirbák - Abuko Team

Business Manager


Bruno Dirbák

Bruno acts as the right hand of our customers. His main area of activity is business and he always tries to achieve a win-win situation. As a client, he will always give his assistance and do his best to make you satisfied with our work. His communication is always open and transparent and he never lies or makes unfulfillable promises.

Jakub Hlásenský - Abuko Team

Creative Director


Jakub Hlásenský

Thanks to Jakub’s expert skills in web development and management and PPC marketing, he leads the team to achieve the best results for our clients.

Michaela Zehnalová - Abuko Team



Michaela Zehnalová

Michaela’s taking care of our finances. She takes care of the payroll and ensures the financial stability of the company. She is likely to send you invoices and communicate with you about contracts.